Thursday, July 28, 2011

It's a waiting game

And the waiting game continues. Yesterday Ella had an audiology appointment at UCLA. We did aided hearing tests for each individual ear and another tympanogram. The Audiologist wanted to get this test before she officially talked to the implant team so that she could go in there confident about asking for simultaneous bilateral implants. As far as she can see if Ella has any residual hearing, it's not much. So now we wait on the insurance which I am guessing will take about 3 weeks, and we wait on the Audiologist to present Ella to the team next Wednesday. We don't have another appointment to see her unless this process takes too long and then she wants to see Ella and check up on her. I am hoping we won't have another appointment with her until after Ella is implanted. We have also picked out which implant Ella is getting. She is going to be getting the Nucleus 5 from Cochlear.

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  1. Oh my goodness, Ella is cute! We definitely have had a run of it with the various issues - Nolan's amblyopia was very similar. I think he originally corrected to 20/60, and after 8 weeks in glasses was correcting to 20/40. If he hasn't improved more by his next appointment in September, we'll start patching. It is so amazing how well kiddos do, even with all the hurdles they have to jump! I hope your CI appointments go smoothly for Ella!