Friday, June 22, 2012

Video of Please.

This is the video I took of her saying "Please."

Moving on to bigger and better things.

Since the last time I updated you guys, Ella was going under again to put back the implant that was infected. This happened very smoothly and healed up great. She is now hearing with both ears again and very happy about it. She has made slow progress in listening and talking. She has imitated one word, "Please" but nothing else. She is understanding a lot more though. Since the JTC is having their international program for the summer, I had to find some another way to get Ella the AV therapy that she needed. I have been in contact with our insurance and after jumping through a couple of hoops, they will cover her therapy. The closest AV therapist to us is in Burbank which is a little over an hour away, but it is better than 2 (with traffic). We will start seeing the therapist on July 13th, once a week. The insurance company only allows for a certain amount of sessions a year, which is a lot less than one a week. We will not have to deal with this until next year though since the year is half over anyway. I can't wait until the end of the year and see her progress. I am excited about this next chapter of her life and how much she will grow and learn.