Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Another surgery..

I keep forgetting to update this thing. Sorry. :/ On January 3rd Ella had surgery to originally take out the stitch and the skin around it that wasn't accepting it. But when Dr. I got in there he found that the infection had spread all the way up to the implant itself so they had to take everything out but the electrodes. We ended up spending Friday through Monday in the hospital so that she could get IV antibiotics to fight the infection. In the hospital while she was still in the OR room, they put in a picc line so that they didn't have to stick her over and over for the antibiotics. The original plan was to stay in the hospital until atleast Sunday then go home with the picc line and get antibiotics at home through the picc line for 6 weeks afterwards. Since she was responding so well to the antibiotics they said she didn't need the picc line at home. They took it out on Monday before we went home. I was relieved because I was a little nervous about cleaning and caring for the picc line. They showed me exactly what to do, but I was still nervous. This just affirmed my decision to not be a nurse or anything in the medical profession. Since I faint at the sight of blood or anything like that, it's already out, but this is another reason.
Since she has gotten out of the hospital, she has been doing great. The incision has been healing beautifully. There is still the red scar there, but that won't fade until later. The other side that still has the implant has healed and the red scar is gone. We had follow up appointments afterwards with the ID (infectious disease) doctors to make sure the infection is gone this time. She was on oral antibiotics for about 2-3 weeks afterwards and it seems the infection is gone. They are going to put the implant back in so we have another surgery scheduled. It's going to be on April 6th. Since we have been through this we know what is going to go on and aren't nervous. I am nervous about the healing though. I am just hoping the healing process will go smoothly and we won't have to deal with this again.
Since being initially implanted and activated Ella has been making more and more sounds. Her teacher and I are concerned though because she hasn't been imitating any words or anything close to words. She said she should be doing this by now. We are a little concerned, but not a lot since it is still early and she has been through a lot with her CIs. I am hoping that she will start after her second one is activated (again).
Shaun has been doing great in school. He had one good day, which I knew was all he needed, to get back on track. He has been great in school since. We are still going to have him evaluated by the psychologist. It is scheduled for Monday. I am a little nervous but I know if anything comes from it that it will only help him.