Tuesday, August 23, 2011

A Date!!

I am so happy to say that today we got a call from UCLA and we have scheduled Ella's surgery for October 19th!! I am so happy. Now I feel like I can relax a bit until it's time. I have been waiting for this to come for a while and now it feels even more real. I am not nervous yet, but I am sure I will be when the day gets closer.

Monday, August 22, 2011

So close we can almost taste it

So Friday we got a letter from United Healthcare saying that they had approved everything and it's all covered for Ella's bilateral cochlear implants. As soon as we read it we called UCLA to see if they had gotten the letter too. They hadn't but the lady said that she would call them and get it within the hour. We tried to schedule the surgery then, but the lady that schedules was on vacation and wouldn't be back til Monday. They also had to ask the ENT how long it would take so that they had a big enough block of time to fit her in on the schedule.
Now it's Monday and Nathan has been trying to get a hold of the scheduling lady. I know she is probably busy, but it's still a little frustrating when they don't pick up the phone or call back. We will just have to wait.. again.